About Us

Lightning Rod Games team

Lightning Rod Games is dedicated to creating family-friendly entertainment that touches the hearts and minds of players of all ages. Our games are designed to be emotionally engaging and encourage players to think creatively.

Our team of industry veterans have over 20 years of experience working at studios such as Electronic Arts, Disney Interactive, Silicon Knights, Paragon Studios and Gameloft and are uniquely suited to developing our signature brand of heart-warming, memorable gameplay.

The Team


Mark Laframboise previously worked as a game designer at Disney Interactive, where he helped develop the core gameplay systems for the hit Facebook/mobile game Words of Wonder. Mark’s long-distance relationship with his wife provides the inspiration for the story and gameplay of A Fold Apart. He is excited to combine his passion for head-scratching puzzles and heart-warming narratives on the project.


Steven Smith has been developing software for more than a decade. He was last seen at Electronic Arts Worldwide Motion Capture before departing to found Lightning Rod Games. With a degree in computer science and a diploma in fine art, he finds a happy balance in the games industry. Steven is a true generalist and enjoys solving problems in new domains.


Don Toledo is a veteran game artist producing art and animations for several AAA games on PC, console, and mobile devices. He stumbled into the new universe of independent games while navigating the wild internet frontiers and now provides art direction for the team and their new project, A Fold Apart.


Corina Diaz brings over ten years in social media & community building to the team. She has not only advised big brands like the Toronto Star, Orderit and the BBC, but also works with indie dev, writing and film projects. As part of the LRG team, she can’t wait to meet the community and introduce our new game.


Robbet Naranjo is a Sheridan College Animation Program Graduate and an extremely skilled animator who brings our characters to life. While at Sheridan, Robbet designed and directed his own animated short, Hula. His primary responsibilities on A Fold Apart include creating the animations used by the main characters and level environments, as well as assisting Don with the creation of new 3D assets as required.