After our first week and a half here at Execution Labs, we’re excited to announce the pitch for our first project! While things are subject to change (and very likely will) in the next six months, we’re very pleased to use this as our starting point.

After years of scheming, plotting and conspiring, supervillains around the world have finally succeeded in wiping out those pesky do-gooders once and for all! But with no common enemy left to fight, the villains have started to turn on each other. With their expendable henchmen armies and stockpiles of mechanical contraptions, the supervillains have become embroiled in a destructive global conflict from which only one can emerge victorious and take over the world!

Combining elements of tower defense and path drawing, “Henchmen!” is a fast-paced, multiplayer strategy game for the iPad. Players compete head-to-head simultaneously on the same device, with the objective of swarming their opponent with henchmen and destroying their enemy’s evil lair. To defend, players lay traps around their lair and use their trusty Mind Control Ray to path enemy henchmen to their inevitable demise. The act of balancing offense and defense create a fun and (often) chaotic flow to gameplay that is both accessible and deep enough to reward casual and hardcore gamers alike.

In other news, we are also looking for a solid 2D Artist/Animator to collaborate with us on Henchmen! More details can be found on our Jobs page. We’d love to hear from you!



  • On February 13, 2013