Vanquishing goodie-two-shoe heroes? Child’s play. Destroying your fellow villains? Now THAT’S a challenge. Are you devious enough to outwit your competition… and TAKE OVER THE WORLD?

Those henchmen of yours certainly won’t get the job done themselves! Only you can turn those mindless fools into a fighting force worthy of serving a supervillain such as yourself. Exploit their individual strengths and dispatch them to wreak havoc on your enemies… all from the comfort of your evil lair. Just don’t get too attached, since it’s only a matter of time before they meet their doom.

Force fields, freeze rays, orbital strikes and teleportation devices? Yes, yes, yes and yes! Oh, and bombs. Lots and lots of bombs. Like a whole bunch. Seriously, there’s a ton of explosions.

Some may still be foolish enough to challenge your obviously superior intellect. Crush them like the insects they are! Devastate your opponents across the internet or revel in their fear as you mercilessly decimate them face-to-face.

Buckle up, cupcake. It’s time to rule the world.



  • Simple to learn turn-based combat – so easy that even a henchman could play.
  • Pass-and-play with friends on the same device or play online against friends and random opponents. Crush your opponents like the insects they are!
  • Force fields, freeze rays, orbital strikes, teleportation devices…and lots and lots of bombs!
  • Seriously, there’s a ton of explosions.
  • Funny, light-hearted characters. Just don’t get too attached because it’s only a matter of time before they meet their doom!
  • Complete cross-platform support for iOS and Android!
  • Jump right in and get started for free!

Coming Soon:

  • NEW Henchmen and Gadgets
  • Customize your own personal Henchman army
  • Jump into any game replay and try out new strategies
  • Tournaments, ladders, guilds and MORE!

Punch your enemies in the face! Explosions!




  • On December 02, 2013