Introducing Lightning Rod Games

We’ve done it! My co-founder, Steven, and I have left our jobs at EA and Playdom to start our very own independent game studio, Lightning Rod Games. Steven and I both firmly believe in the ability of games to bring people together to share meaningful experiences and we intend to tap into that potential in the mobile space. I am also very excited to announce that we will be working alongside four other talented teams as part of the first cohort of studios at Execution Labs, a mobile game incubator and accelerator in Montreal. You can read more about the program here. As part of the process of joining XL, we travelled out there last week to visit the offices and meet everyone in person. It was just slightly cold…


While there, we managed to attend the IGDA Demo Night (where one of the other XL teams, Miscellaneum Studios, presented a demo of their game “The Firemasters”), and met with the creators of OUYA after a Q&A they did at XL HQ. I also had poutine for the first time. So, it was a good trip overall. We start full-time in the XL offices on Monday, so we’re spending this week preparing for our move on Friday and getting our first playable prototype ready so we can hit the ground running. I can’t wait! Check back next week as we share more details on our initial prototype and design.



  • On January 28, 2013

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