It’s that time of year again to help raise some awareness for men’s health, while looking like a total bad ass at the same time!
While Steven and myself won’t be participating directly this year (I rock my manly beard year-round and Steven has to shave every 6 hours just to prevent himself from being mistaken for a Sasquatch), our good friends at Double Stallion (makers of the awesome mobile brawler Big Action Mega Fight!) will be growing their ‘staches for the greater good.

If you want to help contribute to their follicly challenged upper lips, you can visit their team page or donate to any of them individually (Vince will need all the help he can get).

If you donate $30 or more to their artist, Eric, he will draw your picture as one of the characters in the game (like the image above). You can donate to him directly here.

Not to be outdone, Stephane is offering to record a Vine video of any (legal?) act of your choice while wearing a Double Stallion horse head mask for as little as $25. His personal page is here.

Donate some cash for the ‘stache (and a great cause)!




  • On November 06, 2013