OMDC IDM 2015-16 Funding for Lightning Rod Games

OMDC Showcase 2016
Lightning Rod Games is proud to share that we have been approved for funding via the 2015-16 OMDC Interactive Digital Media Fund. Our new project is beginning to take shape and thanks to the support of OMDC, we’re ready to take our game to the next level of development.

The $10 million OMDC Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Fund is responsible for supporting all kinds of original, interactive digital media content projects. In particular, the funding is given to content creators who make a positive contribution to the Ontario economy. Through this funding, Lightning Rod Games will receive $25,000 towards the ‘concept definition’ of our new project.

This funding supports our team of industry veterans, who have over 20 years of experience working at studios such as Electronic Arts, Disney Interactive, Silicon Knights, Paragon Studios and Gameloft. We have a team that is uniquely suited to developing our signature brand of heart-warming, memorable gameplay.

This is especially true of our new project, A Fold ApartBased on a true story, it explores the emotional struggles of a couple maintaining a long-distance relationship. After meeting some highly receptive publishers down at GDC 2016, we’re even more excited to move forward.

Supported in part through the OMDC IDM Fund, Lightning Rod Games is proud to contribute to Ontario’s economy through what we do best: creating family-friendly entertainment that touches the hearts and minds of players of all ages.




  • On March 24, 2016