3D Animator

Lightning Rod Games is an independent, Toronto-based games studio seeking to add a well-rounded 3D animator to our team. With backgrounds at Electronic Arts, Disney Interactive, Silicon Knights, Gameloft, Userjoy, and the Execution Labs incubator, our development team knows how to create quality games and we’re looking for someone to help us establish unique and interesting art styles for our projects. Our current project, A Fold Apart, is a puzzle game about a couple in a long-distance relationship — in a world made of paper! It recently won the Ubisoft Indie Series Top Pick Award for Best Innovation & Originality and was selected to present at the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC 2017.

As our 3D Animator, you will be responsible for assisting the art team in establishing the look and feel of A Fold Apart and our future projects. Your core responsibilities will include:

  • Rigging and animating characters, props, and environments in Blender
  • Storyboarding, blocking, and implementing cutscenes
  • Creating animated visual effects
  • Developing animation state machines in Unity (Mecanim)

We are a small team so — by necessity — everyone wears a bunch of hats. There may be times where you will be called upon to expand your skillset, and given opportunities that you may not have encountered yet as an artist. Being comfortable and proactive in rising to these challenges is a major asset, and something our team members all share in common.

We do not work out of a physical office, and while we do make efforts to work in proximity with one another as the project requires, the majority of your work will be done remotely with very little minute-to-minute oversight. We have a core set of hours (10 AM – 3 PM) where we make ourselves available for online discussions (including a 30-minute daily video call at 11:30 AM), but otherwise you will be free to complete your work on whatever schedule you prefer. Because this type of working arrangement requires a lot of trust and independence, a proven track record of being able to efficiently work in a remote environment is preferred. If you have not worked on a team remotely before but believe you would still perform well in such an environment, please make sure to explain why in your cover letter.

It should be noted that we want the best candidate possible and as such we do not have a level of previous experience required. If you think you have the drive and motivation to handle the responsibilities for this role, and are confident you would excel in such a position, we want to hear from you regardless of your experience level.

You must be a legal resident of Canada (no exceptions). Strong preference will be given to people located in Southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.

This position is full-time with a competitive salary and starts at the beginning of July (or earlier depending on your availability).

Please submit a resume, a portfolio, and a cover letter detailing why you want to work for Lightning Rod Games and why you feel you are the best candidate for the 3D Animator position to jobs@lightningrodgames.com. Including cute puppy pictures is optional (but highly appreciated).