Lightning Rod Games 2017 Studio News

Lightning Rod Games has enjoyed a tremendous year and looking ahead, things are going to get very exciting for our Canadian indie studio. We’ve added to our team, we’re getting ready to hire and we’re beginning reveal our new game, A Fold Apart. With a busy year of industry conferences, publisher meetings and the expansion of the GameDevCafe, our studio is excited to make some big strides in 2017.

The newest addition to Lightning Rod Games is Robbet Naranjo, a Sheridan College Animation Program Graduate and extremely skilled animator, who came on board to help bring our characters to life for A Fold Apart. As you can see from Robbet’s design/direction on his own animated short Hula, he adds some great animation talent to our team.

Robbet joins Corina, our community manager, as our second new hire in the past year. We’ll also be looking to add another artist in the coming months! Along with Art Director Don and our co-founders Mark and Steven, Lightning Rod Games has assembled a fantastic group of skilled individuals, and we’re all working hard towards the launch of A Fold Apart.

video game a fold apart
Ubisoft Award A Fold Apart UniqueA Fold Apart, a puzzle platformer about long-distance relationships, is growing into an incredibly exciting project – not only based on a true story, but bringing a really unique mechanic people have never seen before, and we’re getting lots of good feedback. In fact, A Fold Apart was just awarded the “Unique & Innovative” prize in the Ubisoft Indie Series. Our studio looks forward to revealing A Fold Apart this year, and we have big plans to bring it to GDC, the Experimental Games Workshop and lots of other upcoming industry events.

With so much planned for our growing independent studio, consider following along with Lightning Rod Games on Facebook and Twitter, the project blog, or by signing up to our email list. You’ll be first to know when A Fold Apart is revealed, plus our team will be sharing game development, art and design progress along the way.

Also, get to know us a little better in this video we made with the Ubisoft Indie Series:

Everyone at LRGthunder is looking forward to a great year – hope you’ll come along for the ride!




  • On February 09, 2017