Lightning Rod Games at TOJam 2016

Our titular star, Henrik, rocking out!
Play our TOJam 2016 game: Henrik and the Angry Axe!

The 11th TOJam 2016 took place last weekend and Lightning Rod Games made our first appearance as a team. The theme for this year’s Toronto jam was, “There will be consequences.”

As a bit of a break from the thoughtful, heart-warming gameplay of our upcoming A Fold Apart, we decided to explore something new and totally different: a game all about vanquishing your enemies!

Henrik is a moose-antlered Viking who loves to fight! He thirst for blood is so strong that every time he dies, he is reborn alongside the ghosts of his past – who continue to fight by his side. But what happens when Henrik attains his ultimate prize, and his ghosts decide to claim their share?

Henrik and the Angry Axe is available for download here.

Let us know what you think of our “first” release!




  • On May 12, 2016